Archeology & History

How We Got Our Bible
Dr. Chuck Missler
Chuck Missler reviews the origin of both the Old and New Testaments in light...
Immanuel: The Transcendent Nature and Deity of Messiah
Dr. Chuck Missler & Dr. Mark Eastman
Was there really a visitor to our Planet Earth from outside time and space?...
Inside the Revolution
Joel C. Rosenberg
How the followers of jihad, Jefferson and Jesus are battling to dominate the...
Kings of the East
Dr. Chuck Missler

What are the prophetic implications of the King's of the East and...

Letters to the Seven Churches
Dr. Chuck Missler
The Book of Acts covers about 30 years: Chapters 2 and 3 of the Book of...
Monuments: Sacred or Profane?
Dr. Chuck Missler
Chuck Missler explores the strange and exciting world of ancient monuments,...
Roots of War: Profiling the Middle East
Dr. Chuck Missler
On September 11, 2001, Islamic extremists shook the world. This briefing will...
Seat of Mercy
Dr. Chuck Missler & Bob Cornuke
Where is the Ark of God? And what is its ultimate destiny?
Technology & the Bible
Dr. Chuck Missler
In Technology and the Bible Chuck Missler explains how the Bible has...
Thanksgiving: America's Challenge
Dr. Chuck Missler
How did the Thanksgiving holiday first begin?