Archeology & History

Bob Cornuke
TEMPLE is sending shockwaves through the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian worlds.
The Lost Shipwreck of Paul
Bob Cornuke
Cornuke takes you into his life experience to find the answer in The Lost...
The Christmas Story: What Really Happened: Book
Dr. Chuck Missler
10 BOOK BUNDLE! What really happened in Bethlehem two thousand years ago?
Ancient Texts Bundle
Dr. Peter Flint & Dr. Scott Carroll
Dr. Peter Flint and Dr. Scott Carroll explore Ancient Texts.
Your Seasonal Favorites
Dr. Chuck Missler
What is the history behind many of our national holidays, and what do they...
Digging Up The Truth: Biblical Archaeology
Dr. Chuck Missler & Bob Cornuke
Join Chuck Missler and the real-life Indiana Jones, Bob Cornuke, as they take...
Seat of Mercy
Dr. Chuck Missler & Bob Cornuke
Where is the Ark of God? And what is its ultimate destiny?
Europa Rising: Rebuilding the Empire
Dr. Chuck Missler
In our series reviewing the rise of the 'New Europe,' we'll take a brief...
Kings of the East
Dr. Chuck Missler

What are the prophetic implications of the King's of the East and...

The Origin of Evil
Dr. Chuck Missler
When did Satan fall? This raises the whole issue of the origin of evil.
Monuments: Sacred or Profane?
Dr. Chuck Missler
Chuck Missler explores the strange and exciting world of ancient monuments,...
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