Hermeneutics 101: A Comprehensive Workbook

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by Dr. Chuck Missler

Hermeneutics 101: A Comprehensive Workbook
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(This Comprehensive Workbook Download is designed to facilitate study and should be used in conjunction with How We Got Our Bible and How to Study the Bible audio or multimedia materials.)

How to Study the Bible

Which translation is best? Which Study Bible? What are the secrets of resolving difficult or controversial passages? From forty years of intensive Bible study and teaching, Missler shares his favorite helps, secrets and practical suggestions on how to take the Bible seriously.

Most Christians, although they want to do in-depth Bible study, know little of the types, philosophies and tools of study available. Is the Bible to be taken literally or figuratively? What study aids would be most helpful in beginning my own home study library? Going through the Bible book by book. "Eat the elephant one bite at a time." These studies produce the most lasting results. There is a balance in the "whole counsel of God." Emmaus Road in Luke 24:27.

How We Got Our Bible

Chuck Missler, an internationally recognized Biblical authority, reviews the origin of both the Old and New Testaments in light of recent discoveries and controversies.

  • Where did our Bible come from? How good are the texts?
  • Why do we believe its origin is supernatural?
  • How do we know that it really is the Word of God?
  • How accurate are our translations?
  • Which version is the best?

This download product includes:

  • Over 150 pages of comprehensive notes in PDF format.
  • 1 full color image file of the Hermeneutics 101 Workbook cover
  • 1 readme file with information and location of support software
  • Total file size equals 7.3 MB
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