Science & Wonders Vol. 1: On the Edge of the Chasm


by Amy Joy

Science & Wonders Vol. 1: On the Edge of the Chasm
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A Life’s Search For Truth - This is the true tale of a biochemistry student who loves geology and digging up dinosaur fossils and, most of all, truth. It's also the tale of a geology professor, a warm friendship, and controversy. It involves snowstorms and police, death and dreams - and miracles. A terrible chasm appears to loom between faith and science in academia, yet we find God still shows His power and kindness in this world of hard, cold rocks.

Amy Joy holds degrees in Biochemistry and Religion & Philosophy. She has written many hundreds of articles on science and technology, international politics and current events, and has ghostwritten more than 20 books. Since 2012, she has worked for a geochemistry lab when she's not doing graduate research. She lives in northern Idaho with her children, rotating family members, and occasional strays.

Paperback Book: 200 pages

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