Why Should I Be The First To Change?


by Chuck & Nancy Missler

Why Should I Be The First To Change?
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Nancy Missler intimately chronicles the extraordinary "turnaround" of a 20 year Christian marriage. In Why should I Be The First To Change?, she reveals the dynamic secret that releases the power of God's Love already resident in every Believer. In this era of high divorce rates, it is exciting to know how God's Love can heal even the most troubled relationships.

The book covers the story of Chuck and Nancy Missler's relationship: their meeting, courtship, commitment to Christ, early years, children, marriage breakup and remarkable reconciliation. On the surface the Misslers seemed to lead an ideal life, enjoying good health, prosperity, and an impressive lifestyle. Beneath the surface, however, there was turmoil and emptiness even though the Misslers were Christians.

Readers will learn how to revitalize their lives and relationships by allowing God's Love to flow freely from their lives. In addition to rebuilding the Missler's marriage, this discovery prompted Nancy to undertake 12 years of Biblical research and begin to teach The Way of Agape throughout the world.

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Reviewed by jaime
11/19/2013 - 03:12:39 AM
I love this book. The Best !
This is probably one of the best books I have read in a long time.
It is Chuck and Nancy's story, but what Nancy Missler shares in this book is just plain : wow!
I read this book, and re-read this book and underlined so many passages in this book that I actually bought another copy to go over it again.
If we Christians could get the concepts in this book, we would never need to pick up one of those zillions of marriage books and manuals out there.
It's all right here in this book.
I think, Nancy wrote this book first before the Way of Agape. And if we could just get this.. God's way of loving.. we would never need all that junk out there trying to fix our relationships and our marriages.
This is just a really cool book. It goes along with Way of Agape and The Love Dare..
Forget all those other marriage books. They are just treating the symptoms, not getting to what is really going on in relationships and marriages.
This is it. Way of Agape is it.. Excellent !