Cosmic Codes, Volume 1: Introduction

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by Dr. Chuck Missler

Cosmic Codes, Volume 1: Introduction
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Scientists continue to scan the heavens for a message from "out there."

Have we already received a message of extraterrestrial origin?

Why do some scientists believe that the Bible contains just such messages?

Are the Equidistant Letter Sequence Codes real? What do they really signify? Are there other codes in the Bible that are even more significant?

Chuck Missler, an internationally recognized authority, explores the history of cryptography - the study of secret codes - and the background of proposed interstellar languages in this first in his series on Cosmic Codes - Hidden Messages from the Edge of Eternity.

This briefing pack comes with:
-two mp3 audio files
-two M4A Slide Show files
-one notes file in pdf format
-total file size equals 140 MB

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