The Magog Invasion: An Alternate View


by Dr. Chuck Missler

The Magog Invasion: An Alternate View
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For many years we have been following the conventional view of Ezekiel 38 and 39. With the growing tensions between Iran and Israel, these passages are the subject of much current debate. However, the conventional view still leaves a number of puzzling inconsistencies and contradictions. Ezekiel 38 indicates that Israel is dwelling safely and ''without walls.'' Yet, with walls being built and missiles landing each day Israel is hardly dwelling in peace. This leaves us with a puzzling anomaly: the players listed in Ezekiel seen to exclude any of the bordering nations: Where are the Palestinians? The Lebanese? The Syrians? The Iraqis? The Jordanians? The Egyptians?

This study is approximately 120 minutes in length

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Reviewed by Pamela
11/01/2011 - 06:29:33 PM
Reasoning from the Scripture
Thank you Dr. Missler for giving voice and knowledge to this alternate view. The conventional views have puzzled me for years. This commentary highlights some of the verses that have long been overlooked and does a great job of suggesting, without being dogmatic, some of the possible ways this could play out in the future.