Evangelism & Discipleship

Reflections of His Image - God's Purpose for Your Life - Textbook Download
Nancy Missler
The Lord not only wants you to have salvation through Christ, He wants you to...
SP2017E15: Tim Remington - Trials, Faith, Forgiveness and Hope
Tim Remington
Koinonia Institute presents its 2017 Strategic Perspectives Conference
Defending the Bible
Ron Matsen
For salvation, Man must understand the purpose and power of the Bible. But...
Leadership for the End Times
Ron Matsen
Are “leadership skills” only something for a select few or can everyone...
The Gospel: The Message of Reconciliation
Ron Matsen
How would you answer the question,“What must I do to be saved?” What are...
The Great Commission
Ron Matsen
The last commandment of Jesus before His ascension was for His disciples to...
The Once and Future Church
Dr. Chuck Missler
Be Intentional! Be Involved! If you are not presently in a small, weekly,...
Worldview Wars: The Crusade Against Truth
John Loeffler
The religion of humanism has been rebaptized in our society as 'secular'...