Prophecy 101: A Comprehensive Workbook

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by Dr. Chuck Missler

Prophecy 101: A Comprehensive Workbook
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What is the World Coming To?

The Bible contains 8,362 predictive verses about 737 different matters and yet prophecy is one of the most neglected subjects in the Church today. Understanding prophecy is an essential and fundamental issue for every serious Christian. But where do we start?

This Comprehensive Workbook has been designed to accompany the Prophecy 101 audio/video product in order to give you a strategic overview of prophecy: past, present and future. This series will encourage the new believer and strengthen the faith of all who study it. Now, more than ever, it is important that we have answers for people who are seeking the truth. We need to equip ourselves to be ready to give an answer to every man for the hope that lies within us.

This download product includes:

  • Over 163 pages of comprehensive notes notes file in PDF format.
  • 1 full color image file of the Prophecy 101 Workbook cover
  • 1 readme file with information and location of support software
  • Total file size equals 10.9 MB
  • This study is available in a variety of formats, including:

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    Reviewed by Marian
    03/25/2013 - 04:26:43 PM
    Prophesy 101
    This was a very interesting course, and one that gave me the information I felt that I needed to really understand all the things I am hearing about in the media these days. The course was, well developed. I would recommend taking the course Bible in 24 Hours first if you are unfamiliar with the Bible.