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The Beyond Collection

Audio CD

by Dr. Chuck Missler

The Beyond Collection
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An understanding of the reality in which we live can only be accomplished with a thorough understanding of God's Word. Every discipline of science is coming "full circle" back to what the Bible has said all along. This collection of studies includes:

Beyond Time and Space The startling discovery of modern science is that our physical universe is actually finite.

Beyond Coincidence The slightest change in any one of many variables prevents life.

Beyond Perception The implication of quantum mechanics is frightening to secular scientists.

Beyond Newton The interaction of the heavenly bodies cannot be explained by gravity.

This collection contains 8 hours of teaching on 8 CD discs which include PDF notes and MP3 Files

Copyright © 10-10-2010

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Reviewed by William
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02/06/2012 - 06:02:43 AM
Briefing Update Time, Space etc
We are speechless. 20 years ago this was provocative, compelling allowed me a science based career with peace.
Now with absolutely cutting edge as well as interim discoveries this is pristine. The take away for the non-technical is beautifully done but at the end. I was riveted by the theoretical and the 'evolution' in physics and math to actually validate the things mentioned 20 yrs ago. Someone who hasn't pondered the metaphysical ethical jargon and mis-statements that are standard thought in the Science-Industry may end up with their eyes crossed going through the 'set up' for the conclusions. I am buying these and giving them out like candy every time I have extra money. Shalom & Charis !