The Minor Prophets Set


by Dr. Chuck Missler

The Minor Prophets Set
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It is an unfortunate misconception that because these books are called "The Minor Prophets", their relevance to our lives is also "minor. This couldn't be further from the truth. The richness of life's lessons and our prophetic hope permeate every word. Don't be tricked into missing these overwhelmingly rich studies.

This study includes the following books Joel, Micah, Zephaniah, Habakkuk, Hosea, Amos, Jonah, Nahum, Obadiah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi.

This study contains 42 hours of verse by verse teachings

Available in the following format

MP3 CD-Rom:

  • Five CD-ROM SET
  • 55 MP3 Files
  • 49 Multi Media Slide Show Presentations
  • 5 PDF Notes file

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