I, Jesus Audiobook Bundle


by Chuck Missler & William Welty

I, Jesus Audiobook Bundle
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When you purchase the "I, Jesus" audiobook on CD-Rom, a copy of the hardcover book will be included!

Many people who knew Jesus understood him well enough to admire him, to respect him, and to love him. Others were terrified of him. Some of his own relatives said he was out of his mind. But the politically and religiously intolerant leaders of first-century Israel hated him. So they murdered him. But that wasn’t the end of the story. Not by a long shot.

Today, more than twenty centuries later, respected Bible scholars Dr. Charles “Chuck” Missler and Dr. William Welty bring Jesus of Nazareth to you in the most unconventional way possible…by bringing Jesus of Nazareth to talk in his very own words about himself, his purpose, his nature, and his mission.

By the time you’ve finished reading I, Jesus: an Autobiography, you’ll have learned why this rabbi from Nazareth rose from literal obscurity—as well as from the grave—to change the very course of history.

Hardcover book: 208 Pages

Audiobook: 1 CD-Rom with MP3 files (approximately 8 hours)

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