Psalms: An Expositional Commentary

Handbook (hardcopy study notes)

by Dr. Chuck Missler

Psalms: An Expositional Commentary
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Psalms is Israel's hymnal: it is poetry laced with strong theology. In Hebrew, this book is called Tehillim = ''Praises." There are 55 psalms addressed to ''the chief musician." [Greek: psalmoi, ''a poem to be sung to a stringed instrument'' or psaltar, for harp or stringed instrument.]

History instructs: Law teaches: prophecy announces, rebukes, chastens: morality persuades. Psalms is the medicine and succor for the comfort and encouragement of us all. They are written to the individual-all of us, individually.

Jesus said that the psalms spoke about Him (Lk 24:44). Christ's birth, betrayal, agony, death, resurrection, ascension, coming again in glory, and His worldwide reign-all are pictured in inspired vividness. They constitute irrefutable testimony to the Divine inspiration of the Scripture.

The Psalms supplemental notes are a helpful addition to the Psalms commentary which is available in the following formats:

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Reviewed by Hector
08/12/2012 - 06:55:24 PM
This is a great resource, it has some great nuggets of knowledge and also some great spiritual insight. This study is a living example of how a relationship with GOD yields both devotional expiriences and revelation of hidden wisdom.

Thanks Chuck, great study!