The Last Religion


by Jeremiah Films

The Last Religion
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Society is becoming obsessed with human enhancement technologies and is being brainwashed by powerful global forces.

This film explores Biblical Prophecy from a 21st century perspective. With creative motion graphics and modern music, this documentary style presentation has interviews from over a dozen theologians, spanning over 30 years, to give the most complete view of Revelation’s prophecies, presented in a style that appeals to the “Youtube Generation.”

Is Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality going to play a role in the future enslavement of mankind? Absolutely. The climax of human history has been predicted to follow very specific signs. We are undoubtedly living in the “Last Days.”

Discover how current trends in technology have been predicted in the Ancient Biblical Prophetic Narrative and what you can do to prepare for the coming End Times.

Includes Historic Interviews with the following:

  • Dr. Chuck Missler
  • Frank Peretti
  • Gary Stearman
  • John Loeffler
  • Paul McGuire
  • Dave Hunt
  • Tim LaHaye
  • David Breese
  • Hal Lindsay
  • Marlin Maddoux


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