Israel and the Church: The Prodigal Heirs
Dr. Chuck Missler
As we watch the world events, it is clear that Israel is following her...
William Welty - The Validity of the State of Israel
Dr. William Welty
Koinonia Institute presents Dr. William Welty on The Validity of the State of...
Donald Perkins - Jerusalem, a Cup of Trembling
Donald Perkins
Koinonia Institute presents Donald Perkins on the subject of Jerusalem, a Cup...
Mati Shoshani - Israel's New Threats
Mati Shoshani
Koinonia Institute presents Mati Shoshani on the subject of Israel's New...
Ron Matsen - The Impact of Replacement Theology
Ron Matsen
Koinonia Institute presents Ron Matsen on the subject of The Impact of...
Amir Tsarfati - Israel and Her Challenges
Amir Tsarfati
Koinonia Institute presents Amir Tsarfati on the subject of "Israel and Her...
David Hocking - The Importance of the Modern State of Israel
David Hocking
Koinonia Institute presents David Hocking on the subject of "The Importance...
Gen. Shimon Erem - Israel At 60
General Shimon Erem
Koinonia Institute presents General Shimon Erem on the subject of "Israel At...
Gen. Shimon Erem - Israel: What does The Future Hold?
Gen. Shimon Erem
Koinonia Institute's Strategic Perspectives Conference individual DVD session...
Joseph Farah - Imagine A World Without Israel
Joseph Farah
Koinonia Institute's Strategic Perspectives Conference individual DVD session...
Betrayal of the Chosen
Dr. Chuck Missler
This Briefing Package summarizes the bizarre, and largely unknown, history...
I Will Turn Thee Back: Turkey at a Crossroads
Avi Lipkin
Avi Lipkin discusses the future of Turkey. Will it continue to move toward...
Islamic Uprising: A Global Update
Avi Lipkin
The face of the Mideast is changing almost on a daily basis. This is true...
Israel's Bible Bloc
Avi Lipkin
Explore the exciting new trend happening right now inside Israel - a...
Roots of War: Profiling the Middle East
Dr. Chuck Missler
On September 11, 2001, Islamic extremists shook the world. This briefing will...
Strategic Trends 2012
Dr. Chuck Missler & Ron Matsen
With the wealth of information at our fingertips, it is sometimes hard to see...
Striking Back: Pragmatic Antiterrorism
Dr. Chuck Missler & Nitsana Darshan-Leitner
We have recently participated in a most impressive briefing: an inside look...
The Case for Mecca: Islam in the Book of Exodus
Avi Lipkin
The Case for Mecca. Islam in the book of Exodus by Avi Lipkin.
The Coming Conflict: Israel & Iran
Avi Lipkin
There has been no area of focus that has caused greater concern to everyone...
The Coming Temple Update
Dr. Chuck Missler
Center stage for the countdown.
The Feasts of Israel
Chuck Missler & Dan Stolebarger
The Feasts of Israel, set by God, are not only commemorative in a historical...
The Legacy: Israel In Prophecy
Dr. Chuck Missler
Now in one self-contained CD-ROM: The Feasts of Israel, The Next Holocaust,...
The Magog Invasion: An Alternate View
Dr. Chuck Missler
For many years we have been following the conventional view of Ezekiel 38 and...
The Prodigal Heirs: Israel & the Church
Dr. Chuck Missler
Has God abandoned Israel? Has the Church replaced Israel?