The Way of Agape: Book


by Chuck & Nancy Missler

The Way of Agape: Book
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After God healed Nancy Missler’s marriage, she prayed for three years, asking the Lord to show her from Scripture what He had done. She not only wanted to understand what had happened, but also needed be able to explain it to others. The Way of Agape details that answer. In short, Nancy learned:

  1. What God’s Love is and how it differs from human love. Most of us, even as Christians, are still functioning only on human love and this is why so many of us have become confused and disheartened.
  2. What it means to love God with all our heart, will and soul and learning the difference between each of these terms. Learning what quenches God’s Love in our hearts and how practically to yield these things over to Him.
  3. And, finally, what it means to love our neighbors as ourselves and how to put their will and desires above our own.

The only way we can do this is to love God first; to totally give ourselves over to Him. The Way of Agape is a completely new way of loving. It’s a way of loving that is opposite from the way the world teaches and probably very different from the way you have been used to showing love, even as a Christian.

Our human love is based on what we think and what we feel, what our circumstances are, and how that other person responds to us. God’s Agape Love, on the other hand, is an unconditional, two-sided, freeing and other-centered Love. If we are Christians, we have this type of Love in our hearts. The key is learning how to cleanse our hearts moment by moment so that we see that Love flow freely.

In essence, The Way of Agape shows us how we can transform the failures of human love into the victories of God’s Agape Love.

414 pages - Study Guide (workbook) Included

Copyright © 1994

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Reviewed by Diane
11/24/2012 - 06:47:57 AM
This book will take you on the most amazing journey of your life - if you will let it. Nancy's extensive research in this area is evident from cover to cover. She dissects the human make-up and reconstructs it from scripture, identifying the difficult areas of life, the hindrances to our love walk and critically, the remedy. This is not a 'soft' women's leisure read - but a book full of powerful principles for ALL Christians to live by, including a breakdown of the temple as a type of our being.

Initially I bought the MP3's to listen to on holiday, and was so impressed I chose to do it in the classroom setting of KI as a module. I now firmly believe that this course should be a compulsory module of KI!

However, it should be noted... this is not a book to READ, it is a book to EXPERIENCE. It goes hand in hand with the Word of God. Do not be tempted to rush through it, but read all the scripture references, digest it, meditate on it and allow the Holy Spirit to bring change through it. Then the book will prove live-changing and transforming. It is the path to experiencing inner peace and joy (not the hypocritical image we often reflect to other of joy on the outside and turmoil on the inside) and becoming a vessel for God's love to flow through!