Koinonia Institute

The Way of Agape: A Comprehensive Workbook Download
Chuck & Nancy Missler
Can my wife stay in The Way of Agape class for the rest of our marriage? -...
Hermeneutics 101: A Comprehensive Workbook
Dr. Chuck Missler
The workbook download for the introductory course on both the origins of the...
KI Spyglass Lapel Pin
Koinonia House
Spyglass Lapel Pin
Architecture of Man
Dr. Chuck Missler
What is the pattern of our internal system design? If God really indwells us,...
Betrayal of the Chosen
Dr. Chuck Missler
This Briefing Package summarizes the bizarre, and largely unknown, history...
How to Study the Bible
Dr. Chuck Missler
Which translation is best? Which Study Bible? What are the secrets of...
How We Got Our Bible
Dr. Chuck Missler
Chuck Missler reviews the origin of both the Old and New Testaments in light...
The Feasts of Israel
Chuck Missler & Dan Stolebarger
The Feasts of Israel, set by God, are not only commemorative in a historical...
The Next Holocaust and The Refuge in Edom
Dr. Chuck Missler
What is the purpose of the Great Tribulation? What is the prophetic role of...
Prophecy 20/20
Dr. Chuck Missler

Chuck Missler takes readers on an eye-opening journey, showing them how...

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