Old Testament CD-Rom Collection

MP3 Audio (CD-ROM)

by Dr. Chuck Missler

Old Testament CD-Rom Collection
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''The New Testament is in the Old Testament concealed.'' Available for the first time by popular demand, the entire Old Testament in one package. Nothing could be more rewarding than a comprehensive study of our spiritual roots. Only by mastering the lessons of the Old Testament can you understand the New.

25 Volumes: Approximately 370 Hours

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Reviewed by kevin
This customer purchased "Old Testament CD-Rom Collection" on our website
11/25/2012 - 11:17:02 PM
bering sea crabber study bible
my name is kevin davis and i am a crabber in alaska. first let me say that i have been blessed through khouse for a few years now and i thank god for everyone involved in that ministry. working on a crab boat in alaska is not an easy job, hours are long and sleep is elusive. unlike normal people with normal jobs where a work week is 40 hours, many times our days are 40 hours and reading the word is just hard to do no matter how hard you try. when its time to sleep you sleep so i bought the old and new testament package deals and slapped them on my iTunes, so now while i am on my "wheel watch" shift instead of listening to music to stay awake i am working my way verse by verse through the bible to stay awake. i love it! my the lord continue to bless all that you guys do there, i know he has blessed me