Topical Studies

Ray Comfort - A Nation In Distress
Ray Comfort
Koinonia Institute presents Ray Comfort on the subject of "A Nation In...
Dr. Chuck Missler - Who Will Inherit the Kingdom
Dr. Chuck Missler
Koinonia Institute presents Chuck Missler on the subject of "Inherit The...
Dr. Jerome Corsi - Atomic Iran
Dr. Jerome Corsi
Koinonia Institute presents Dr. Jerome Corsi Coauthor of Unfit for Command...
Dr. Tim LaHaye - Why Prophecy is Important
Dr. Tim LaHaye
Koinonia Institute presents Dr. Tim LaHaye author and speaker speaking on the...
John Loeffler - Three Legs of Society
John Loeffler
Koinonia Institute presents John Loeffler speaking on the subject of "The...
Joseph Farah - Deception/Compromise
Joseph Farah
Koinonia Institute presents Joseph Farah speaking on the subject of...
Ron Matsen - Inside the EU Update
Ron Matson
Koinonia Institute presents Ron Matson speaking on the subject of "Inside the...
Beyond Coincidence
Dr. Chuck Missler
The precision found in our world has long been considered miraculous - as...
Beyond Newton
Dr. Chuck Missler
How can a star, distant from us, gravitationally affect our Sun? Where is the...
Beyond Perception
Dr. Chuck Missler
Why do scientists now believe we live in a 10-dimensional universe?
Beyond Time & Space
Dr. Chuck Missler
Are there more than four dimensions to physical reality? Is it possible to...
The Beyond Collection
Dr. Chuck Missler
The Beyond Series including, Beyond Time and Space, Beyond Coincidence,...