Topical Studies

Inside the Revolution
Joel C. Rosenberg
How the followers of jihad, Jefferson and Jesus are battling to dominate the...
Islamic Uprising: A Global Update
Avi Lipkin

The face of the Mideast is changing almost on a daily basis. This is true...

Israel's Bible Bloc
Avi Lipkin
Explore the exciting new trend happening right now inside Israel - a...
Jesus: Who & Why?
Dr. Chuck Missler
Just who is Jesus Christ? What did Jesus actually accomplish?
Jihad: America's New War
Dr. Chuck Missler
The Islamic agenda cannot be ignored. The attack on America's sovereign soil...
Jonah the Reluctant Prophet
Dr. Chuck Missler
What does Jesus mean when he speaks of the sign of the prophet Jonah in...
Kabbalah And The Rise Of Mysticism
Dr. Chuck Missler
Join Chuck as he delves deeply into the hidden world of Kabbalah and exposes...
Kings of the East
Dr. Chuck Missler

What are the prophetic implications of the King's of the East and...

Leadership for the End Times
Ron Matsen
Are “leadership skills” only something for a select few or can everyone...
Letters to the Seven Churches
Dr. Chuck Missler
The Book of Acts covers about 30 years: Chapters 2 and 3 of the Book of...
Looking Up: Understanding the Spiritual Disciplines (Volume 1)
Dr. Daniel Stolebarger
An introduction to Spiritual Disciplines - Discipleship, Prayer, The Text,...
Looking Up: Understanding the Spiritual Disciplines (Volume 2)
Dr. Daniel Stolebarger
Spiritual Disciplines II - Walking with God, Bearing Fruit, The Fragrance of...