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Topical Studies

Bob Cornuke - Traditions, Temples, and Beyond
Bob Cornuke
Koinonia Institute presents Bob Cornuke on Traditions, Temples, and Beyond...
Chris Corlett - On Education: Playgrounds, Politics and Parents
Chris Corlett
Koinonia Institute presents Chris Corlett on Education: Playgrounds, Politics...
Cris Putnam - Astrobiology: The ‘Science’ With Nothing To Study
Cris Putnam
Koinonia Institute presents Cris Putnam on Astrobiology: The ‘Science’...
David McAlvaney - Intentional Families: Reverse Engineering Your Family Legacy from Finish to Start
David McAlvany
Koinonia Institute presents David McAlvaney on Intentional Families: Reverse...
Donald Perkins - Jerusalem, a Cup of Trembling
Donald Perkins
Koinonia Institute presents Donald Perkins on the subject of Jerusalem, a Cup...
Dr. Chuck Missler - How To Avoid Deception
Dr. Chuck Missler
Koinonia Institute presents Chuck Missler on How To Avoid Deception from its...
Dr. Peter Flint - The Dead Sea Scrolls, Prophecy, and the New Testament
Dr. Peter Flint
Koinonia Institute presents Dr. Peter Flint on the subject of The Dead Sea...
Jay Seegert - Evolution: Problem or Problematic
Jay Seegert
Koinonia Institute presents the 2014 Strategic Perspectives IX Conference in...
Joel Richardson - The Impact of Islam
Joel Richardson
Koinonia Institute presents Joel Richardson on the subject of The Impact of...
Mati Shoshani - Israel's New Threats
Mati Shoshani
Koinonia Institute presents Mati Shoshani on the subject of Israel's New...
Ron Matsen - Finding Peace in the Face of Peril
Ron Matsen
Koinonia Institute presents Ron Matsen on Finding Peace in the Face of Peril...
The Akedah
Dr. Chuck Missler
We all know the story of Abraham taking Isaac to Mount Moriah, but what’s...